The purpose of the Library Advisory Board is to consult with and advise the City Manger and the City Librarian in matters pertaining to the policies, long-range planning, operation and administration of the library per Resolution #657 of the laws of the City of Poquoson. In addition, the Board will work to further enhance the standing of the Public Library within the community. Meetings are held every other month running September through May on the second Wednesday of the month.


Library Advisory Board Members


Patricia Green (Chair) - Eastern

Appointed: 01/28/19

Term Expires: 01/31/22 

Billie Borders (Vice-Chair)- Central

Appointed: 1/31/21

Term Expires: 1/31/24

Kathleen Powell (Secretary) - At Large

Appointed: 01/31/21

Term Expires: 01/31/24

Krista Forrest - Eastern

Appointed: 10/11/22

Term Expires: 01/31/24

Peter Hardin - Central

Appointed: 07/25/16

Term Expires: 01/31/23

Cecelia Ambrose - Western

Appointed: 02/12/13

Term Expires: 01/31/23

Terry L. Johnson - Western

Appointed: 02/12/13

Term Expires: 01/31/25

Jessica Hartley - Library Director