Reading Garden

Stop by and smell the roses!


As you’ve parked your car, have you noticed the beautiful garden to the left of the library?  This community project has brought great enjoyment to many as they strolled through or stopped to read.  People of all ages - children, teens and adults have worked to paint the fences, shovel the dirt, plant the flowers and shrubs, and make the stepping stones.  The project was funded by the Poquoson Garden Club and the Friends of the Poquoson Public Library.  Plants were generously donated by patrons to add more beauty to the new garden.


The garden was created in May 2004 behind the Southwest corner of the library building.  Soil was layered on top of the existing ground for a raised bed effect.  The majority of the plants found in the garden are host plants for butterflies.  Two benches are located in the garden for visitors to enjoy while reading.  There is also a picnic table area beside the garden.


 garden image